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At an Institutional Level, CCOPP has specific goals (eg. to advance a Culture of Peace and Non-violence in Canada) and process.  We are a catalyst and open to everything to promote a Culture of Peace, so we aim to not prejudge anything since we have to potentially work with everyone.  


CCOPP does not send out unsolicited emails (i.e. SPAM).  We have been experiencing a problem with Spammers using email addresses with the CCOPP domain name.  We regret this happening, but find that there is nothing that we can do to stop the abuse.  It appears that anyone can use a fake identification, and readers should be warned accordingly.  If you ever get email from CCOPP and are unsure about it, please contact info[at] 

It is recommended that you read the CCOPP articles when you start your quest for peace knowledge.  "Culture of Peace Education Gaps that Require Filling" (Draft) (in HTML) has a list of courses and readings that may be considered "Required Reading".

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