Peace Education Consultation Planning Committee Minutes

SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings, Room #2280

Saturday October 25th, 2003

10 am -12 noon




Donald Grayston, Carmen Everall, Anne Ironside, Janet Hudgins, Julia MacRae, Melanie Young, Zaena Campbell, Harley Wylie







·        Zaena Campbell is pursuing her B.A. in the Humanities at SFU.  She has enjoyed studying with both Dr. Grayston and Dr. Burton, and has served as Student Representative/Chairperson to the Humanities Student Union.  She has a longstanding interest in peace and youth leadership, and has recently completed a self-directed study in Canadian International Development Policy.  Zaena has been invited to be the ‘youth representative’ on the conference planning committee.

·        Anne Ironside is an old colleague and friend of Dr. Burton’s, and shares a particular interest in global issues.  She has been involved with the World Academy of Art and Science in their global dialogue on civil order and developing a consensus on international ‘norms’.  Anne is especially interested in learning more about global perspectives among youth.

·        Melanie Young works with the Centre for Education, Law and Society at SFU.  Her latest research explores how current examples of peace/global education have affected youth citizenship.

·        Janet Hudgins has had a longstanding interest in developing programs for peace education at a university level.  She would particularly like to see the establishment of a Canadian University for Peace.  In support of such endeavors, Janet would like to convey both the demand for peace-focused coursework and the wide variety of peace-oriented vocational opportunities available to youth.

·        Carmen Everall has a successful background in business.  After the formative experience of being in Bali in the midst of terrorist attacks and helping to organize a crisis relief centre, Carmen committed herself to supporting youth in creating a culture of peace.  She is currently traveling the world and developing an independent film to help give youth a voice in development, and would also like to encourage active youth involvement in the consultation.

·        Donald Grayston’s interest in peace education came into focus with threats of nuclear destruction during the Reagan years.  In hopes of combining spiritual and political concerns, Don helped to establish the Shalom Institute in 1985.  At SFU, Don teaches courses on Gandhi, Thomas Merton, and the Holocaust.  He is also head of SFU’s Institute for the Humanities, which is currently presenting a lecture series called Violence and Its Alternatives.

·        Julia MacRae is a Secondary School Teacher currently on leave in order to pursue curriculum studies at UBC.  She is a left wing activist and has lived and taught in Vietnam.

·        Harley Wylie is a member of the First Nations community, and has a varied background with both the resource industry and Federal and Provincial Governments.  He is currently working with the Department of Canadian Heritage in support of programs for aboriginal youth, and has agreed to advise the committee on how to invite aboriginal youth participation in an effective and respectful manner.


Update on Inviting Aboriginal Youth Participation

(Zaena Campbell and Harley Wylie)

·        Since the Committee’s initial meetings, where it was agreed that encouraging aboriginal youth participation in the consultation should be a priority, Zaena has:

o        Consulted with Harley Wylie, her former colleague from the Department of Canadian Heritage and invited Harley to meet with the Committee.

o       Attended a discussion on educational reform for aboriginal communities, presented by the FNESC.  Met with Norah Greenway there.  Norah is an anti-racism officer, First Nations elder and an excellent public speaker who would be an ideal panelist.  She also had a useful resource kit for teachers and expressed an interest in our project.

o       Volunteered at the registration table for the Urban Multipurpose Aboriginal Youth Council Elections.  Introduced herself, and the Committees plans to have a consultation on peace involving aboriginal youth participation.


Mission Statement -Reviewed and Altered


Purpose:           To bring together peace educators, concerned youth, First Nations, and all [other?] cultures in B.C., in order to discover where we are now, and to map out where we want to go, in building a sustainable culture of understanding, respect, and peace in local and global communities.




·        There is currently no budget for the peace consultation.  Funding applications are, therefore, a high priority. 

·        Possible sponsors/funding sources were suggested.  Including:

o       The Federal and/or Provincial Government

o       Ministry of Education?  Former Ministry members could be approached for ideas?

o       Vancouver Municipal Peace Committee

o       Ballard

o       VanCity

o       Endswell Foundation

o       Happy Planet Juice Co.

o       BCTF (BC Teacher’s Federation) fund for $5000. Pat Clarke is the contact. Necessary to connect with PAGE (Peace And Global Education group of teachers.)

·        Melanie, Julie, and Don will form a sub-committee to follow up on funding applications.

·        Melanie will consult with PAGE regarding BCTF funding opportunities.

·        Don will see that Mary Goldie is contacted.


Consultation Content/Topics Brainstorm

·        How to get mobilized/motivate action?

·        Tips for non-profit groups?

·        “Jobbing peace” ie. Board of peace related job postings

·        Resource Tables

·        Book fair

·        Success stories

·        Global Problem Solving

·        The connection between local and global solutions ie. “Think globally act locally”

·        Children’s Creative Solutions

·        Balancing Rights

·        Leadership champions

·        Restorative Justice

·        For youth/by youth initiatives

·        Participatory discussions on key issues



·        UBC Law School?

·        UBC Sub?

·        Downstairs from the SFU Centre for Dialogue?

·        Harbour Centre?


Other issues to be discussed

·        Solidify format, topics, and constituency of consultation

·        Marketing

·        Who should host? 

·        Further strategies for youth engagement.  Carmen, Anne, and Zaena will for a sub-committee on this. 


Next Meeting:


November 29th , SFU Harbour Centre, 10am-1pm (with break): Don sends regrets; Melanie will chair this meeting in his absence.


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