Logo designed by Elena Jacobs, U of A student.
The world is superimposed on an apple, the traditional symbol of education,
where seeds of peace are cultivated and hopefully come to fruition.

October 22 - 24, 2004

Growing Seeds of Peace”

2ndAnnual Alberta
 Peace Education Conference

in Athabasca , Alberta


THE PURPOSE: To gather as learners, teachers, and advocates to explore the various aspects of a vision of a "just peace" and a "culture of peace", and how we might build peace through education wherever we are.

YOUR HOSTS:    The Athabasca Peace Initiative with the Centre for Global & Social Analysis,  Athabasca University ; and Edwin Parr Composite High School

View Alberta Peace Conf. 2004 - A picture Slide Show by Shall Sinha
View Alberta Youth Peace Workshop 2004 - A picture Slide Show by Shall Sinha 


Facilities at the University are limited to about 150 people; so please register early. Registration fees will include access to all sessions, refreshment breaks, lunches, and registration materials.  No registrations will be processed without payment.

Participants should make their own hotel arrangements if you do not ask for a billet. There is a listing of all the accommodations in the Athabasca area, after the “Overall Schedule“.

Complete the form below with your first and second choices of workshops, and send it with your payment to: Rhonda deLorme, Registrar APEC, 4916 - 45 St. Athabasca, AB T9S 1P9;   email: ardelorme@telus.net


1. Participants information     

Full Name (please print): ________________________________Title: ___________________________


I am a student ____ a workshop leader _____ a teacher/professor _____ unemployed ____ other ______

(this is for purposes of identifying what payments are due, and who is involved in the education system)

  Address:____________________________________________________  Postal code:_____________

Telephone:__________________  Fax: ___________________ E-mail: __________________________


2. Accommodation

Do you want to stay with someone in Athabasca ?  Please Circle  Yes    No

If yes, which nights?  Thurs.   Fri.  Sat.

If you wish to bring your own sleeping bag and foam, there will be free accommodation on the floors of the Athabasca United Church (across from Nancy Appleby Theatre) - separate spaces for male and female. On Sat. morning, a continental breakfast will be served there, free of charge to any conference participants. On Sunday morning, by donation, there will be a pancake breakfast at the church.

A list of accommodation alternatives is listed further on.

3. Workshop Choices:   Please mark your first and second choice (1, 2 ) for each of the five sessions:

Note: read more detail about the speakers and their workshops by clicking on this link.  

10:00 - 11:00 International Peace and Security; Rejecting Violence

Personal/Inner:              Dr. David Swann re his personal journey                                       ______ 

Community/Family:       Carol McArthur, Social Work faculty at Portage College ,  
                                    on impact of family violence on children                                        ______

In/Formal Education:     Dr. Larry Fisk & Erin Gionet, (and others)  
                                    Peace and Conflict Studies at universities around the world            ______    

Global/National:             Doug Roche, on Disarmament and De-militarization                       ______                        

11:10 - 12: 10             Human Rights; Gender Equality; Respect all life

Personal/Inner:              Val Neaves - "Yoga and Meditation: A Practice of Peaceful

Community/Family:        Dr. Deanna Williamson, U of A, Human Ecology  
                                     Children’s rights and child poverty in Alberta                              ______ 

In/Formal Education:      Linda Bull - Advancing Aboriginal Studies                                      ______

Global/National:             Muriel Stanley-Venne - "Crimes Against Aboriginal Women"           ______                                     

1:15 - 2:15 Fostering Democratic Participation

Personal/Inner :        Carolyn Pogue, Calgary author and activist - “Writing for (a) Change”   ______    

Community/Family:   “Alternatives to Violence “ project - on building concensus                     ______

In/Formal Education: Dr. Larry Fisk - street education project “Calgary Storefront U”                ______

Global/National:        Doug Baillie, Fair Vote Canada - alternative systems of representation   ______

2:30 - 3:30 Sustainable Economic and Social Development; Preserve the Planet

Personal/Inner:              David Parker on "VEGETARIANISM: Just for the health of it!"            ______

Community/Family:       Don Ruzicka and Tom Kraweic - "Co-operating with the Land"            ______

In/Formal Education:     Forestry Stewardship Council -  Jill Sturdy of CPAWS                       ______

Global/National:            Sandra Rein and Dr. Lorelei Hanson, Athabasca University
                                     "Sustaining Sustainability: Words and Deeds"                                 ______

3:45 - 4:45 Communication: Freedom of Expression and Free Flow of Information

Personal/Inner :             Ruth Lomenda, Waldorf Schools with "Songs for Peace"                     _____

Community/Family:        Media Literacy: Sharon McCann, AB Assn. for Media Awareness        _____       

In/Formal Education:      Canada World Youth: Global Perspectives with CWY panel                 _____       

Global/National:             Dr. Ella Haley, Athabasca University - Democracy/media bias         _____

 Note: read more detail about the speakers and their workshops by clicking on this link.    

4.  Concert Tickets (if yes, check)

     Please hold a ticket for me for Friday night “Entertaining Peace” ($6/person; $12/family)        _____

      Please hold a ticket for me for Sat. night “Music for Peace” (about $14/person)                    _____


5. Payment Structure

            Registration fee for Friday (except see * below)                                        $25  ______                

            Registration for Sat. and Sun.                                                                 $75  ______

            *For students and unemployed for Fri., Sat., and Sun.                               $25  ______

            For an individual session (workshop, keynote, roundtable)                         $10  ______

            Tickets for “Entertaining Peace”                                                          $6/$12  ______      

            Tickets for “Music For Peace”                                                                  $14  ______


            Total fees I will pay: make cheques payable to Athabasca Peace Initiative)     _______


Cancellation policy: Cancellations are allowed up to 5 days before the Conference with a 15%cancellation fee. Though refunds are not possible for cancellations after 5 days before the Conference, registrants unable to attend may assign their participation to someone else.




FRIDAY- 8:30 am Registration at Edwin Parr High School. A focus on peace through experiential education, involving students, and all types of educators, and what actions they can take together. Youth-led plenary sessions on "What is peacefulness?" and "Student activism".  Choice of 10 workshops involving peace and sports, arts, river systems, legacy of residential schools, or safety in schools, and more. Watch a "Wear Fair" Fashion Show. Even lunch will be a worldly eating experience!   Click here for more detail of Friday's Schedule.

FRIDAY EVENING - 7:30 pm "Entertaining Peace" at Nancy Apply Theatre

            The "Raging Grannies" , Carolyn Pogue -a storyteller, Mary Woodbury - an author, and Rosaleen Gregory - a ballad singer are
confirmed performers. There will also be two short plays by youth, a ballet, Metis dancers, and a choir.



8:30                   Registration at Athabasca University

9:00                   Keynote address: Former Senator Doug Roche on "The Human Right to Peace" laying out the 8 aspects of the 'Culture of Peace' as defined by UNESCO, which are explored further in the following workshops.   [click here for a summary of "The Human Right to Peace"] 

10:00 - 11:00      4 Workshops: on International Peace and Security; Rejecting Violence

11:10 - 12:10      4 Workshops: on Human Rights; Respect for all life; Equality between Women and Men

12:15 - 1:10       LUNCH (Vegetarian) at AU Cafeteria

1:15 - 2: 15         4 Workshops: on Fostering Democratic Participation

2:30 - 3: 30         4 Workshops: on Sustainable Development; Preserving the Planet

3: 45 - 4:45         4 Workshops: on Communication; Media; Freedom of Expression and Free Flow of Info

4:45 - 7:30          Time to visit Resource Fair and Pick your own Spot for Supper

 7:30                  "Music for Peace" Concert at Nancy Appleby Theatre 
                        - Folk artist Maria Dunn &



8:00                   Pancake Breakfast at the Athabasca United Church.

The rest of the conference continues at Athabasca University 

9:30 - 10:30        RoundTable: Edmonton Interfaith Centre members: Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Sikh  
                        Theme on: Advance Understanding, Tolerance, and Solidarity

10:30                 Break to select Action Interest Groups

10:45 - 12:30      Small Groups and Plenary: “Growing the Future”  
                        on where do we go from here; actions steps; Manifesto 2000;  

 Note: read more detail about the speakers and their workshops by clicking on this link.    


12:30 - 2:00        Lunch with Planning team to debrief with available Workshop Leaders and people going to the National Peace Education Conference in Hamilton in November.




Suggested accommodations:

Best Western Athabasca Inn                             1-800-567-5718

Bison View Bed and Breakfast (few miles east)     675-2087      Hillside Motel (1 block from EPHC)    675-5111

Scenic Trails Bed and Breakfast (Meanook)          675-5233      Athabasca Lodge Motel                    675-2266

Top of the Hill Bed and Breakfast (in town)            675-5693      Athabasca Super 8                           675-8888



We endorse the Global Campaign for Peace Education (Hague Appeal for Peace 1999) which “seeks to develop the capacities, in teachers and learners, to face challenges of unprecedented proportion:

·      the continued development of weapons of mass destruction, armed conflicts between states and ethnic groups,

·      the spread of racism, gender inequality, community violence,

·      the huge and widening gap between the rich and the poor throughout the globalized economy,

·      massive violations of human rights and

·      the degradation of the environment.

            In order to meet the challenges posed by these interwoven problems, the coming generation deserves a radically different education. People need the skills and knowledge to create and maintain peace.

Peace education is a holistic, participatory process that includes teaching for and about human rights, non-violent responses to conflict, social and economic justice, gender equality, environmental sustainability, disarmament, and human security.

            The methodology of peace education encourages reflection, critical thinking, cooperation, and responsible action. It promotes multiculturalism, and is based on values of dignity, equality, and respect. Peace education is intended to prepare students for democratic participation in school and society.”

          We also recognize that “education is a very big subject that goes far beyond the classroom”; and that “parents, teachers, politicians, journalists, religious bodies and groups, intellectuals, those engaged in scientific, philosophical and creative and artistic activities, health and humanitarian workers, social workers, managers at various levels as well as non-governmental organizations have a key role to play in the promotion of a culture of peace.”

 BACKGROUND: For more information on the two previous national peace education conferences in Hamilton and the first Alberta Peace Education Conference in 2003, and about the United Nations Decade for a Culture of Peace,

                                    go to these two websites:

                                   www.peace.ca  and www.unesco.org